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Spotlight On: The Economics of Cannabis

Last updated: 08/14/2015 | More Spotlight On content
The issue of marijuana legalization is being hotly debated around the world. While questions of ethics, health, and social order are all part of this debate, the economics of this "cash crop" surpasses them all in the attention that it attracts. The stakeholders are numerous, and while some stand to gain, some stand to lose. How will legalization affect financial institutions? Will consumers experience a decrease in prices? Will taxpayers benefit from lower spending on law enforcement? Will government win big from tax revenues? Will employers lose out over lost productivity? Will social services expenditures rise due to increasing drug abuse cases?

The following list comprises of reports and working papers issued or contracted by policy makers and lobbyists, as well as books and journal articles published by academic researchers. The research spans drug policy around the globe, from the U.S., to the EU, and Australia. The economic impacts of legislation already enacted are explored, and the potential economic impacts are projected where legislation has been proposed or is being debated.

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