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Spotlight On: Border Control

Last updated: 08/26/2015 | More Spotlight On content
The issue of the controlling of borders between countries, as it pertains to the unauthorized movement of people between two given territories, has gained much popularity in the academic writing of the last 15 years or so, and specifically in the 2010s. As such it mirrors a growing interest in this topic within political circles, the media and the general public, particularly within wealthy nations. While some of the texts written on the subject deal with technical issues of control and surveillance (including health related issues), most of them tend to focus on the human factor. That is, on the motivations to control the borders, on the history of this control, on its desired and unwanted effects, on its moral and legal justifications, and on the status of this control. Given that the issue of border control has become such a politically charged one, and draws much attention in elections times, the sources in the list below, and many more that weren't included, can be used to make the debate about border control much more intelligible.

On the informative side, texts on the subject try to depict the situation around these borders. Who is trying to cross these borders, what does crossing them entail, what are the risks, how effective is current border control, etc. Scholars also try to track larger implications on the sending and receiving countries, such as economic effects, social effects, and political implications. On this last point, while some scholars try to analyze the political mechanisms that push for the border control policies that come into effect, other scholars try to draw the moral implications of the border control policies, and suggest what course these policies should take in order to sit well with Western moral standards (for instance not returning illegal immigrant to states that victimized them). Last, some of the texts in the following list deal with border control discourse as it relates to criminalization, gender, and securit

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