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107 titles beginning with C

TitleFull Years AvailablePartial Years Available
Cahiers de Psychologie Cognitive2004
California Law Review1978, 2006, 2016
California Management Review2003
Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society2017
Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science2004
Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice2009
Canadian Journal of Economics2004
[The] Canadian Journal of Sociology2009-20131975, 1988, 1995
[The] Canadian Journal of Urology2012
Canadian Journal on Aging2004
Capital & Class2004, 2015
Celebrity Studies2015
Central European History1978
Cerebral Cortex2008
Chasqui1998, 2004
Chicano-Latino Law Review1999
Child Abuse & Neglect2014
Child Development1985, 1991-1992, 1996-1999, 2003, 2009
Child Development Perspectives2008
Child Indicators Research2010
Child Psychiatry and Human Development2009
Children and Youth Services Review2000-2013
[The] China Quarterly1984, 1992
[The] China Review2003
Cinema Journal1996
Citizenship Studies2000-2008, 20162017
City & Community2002-2013
City & Society1999, 2011-20141998, 2015
Classical Philology1963
Climate Research2008
Clinical Nursing Research2007
Clinical Orthopedics and Related Research2012
Clinical Psychologist2008
Clinical Psychology Review1998
Clinics in Dermatology2007
Cognition2013-20141982, 2015
Cognition and Emotion2015
Cognitive Brain Research2005
Cognitive Development2006
Cognitive Linguistics1997
Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology2002
Cognitive Studies2007
Collection Building2006-2007
College Student Affairs Journal2004
Communication Research20131980
Communications1998, 2001
TitleFull Years AvailablePartial Years AvailableLanguage
Communications of the ACM2014
Communist and Post-Communist Studies1996
Community Mental Health Journal2014
Comparative Education Review2001, 2007, 2010-2011
Comparative Group Studies1971
Comparative Political Studies2000-20122013
Comparative Politics2008-20121982, 1991, 1993, 1997, 2001, 2007
Comparative Social Research2000, 2002-2003, 2006-20131997
Comparative Strategy1999
Comparative Studies in Society and History2000-20131974, 1980, 1987, 1993, 1996
Competition & Change2002-2013
Comprehensive Psychiatry2006-2007
Computer Fraud & Security2005-20162017
Computers & Education2000-20162017
Computers in Human Behavior2014-20162017
Conflict Management and Peace Science2013-20142012
Consciousness and Cognition2006
Constellations2000-2001, 2007-20141999, 2015
Construction and Building Materials2012, 2015
Contemporary Arab Affairs2012-20142015
Contemporary Economic Policy2002-20142015
Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews1997, 2006-2007, 2012-20131998, 2000
Context and Comprehension1985
Cornell International Law Journal2009
Corporate Reputation Review2001
Crime & Delinquency2009
Crime and Justice2000-20141990, 1999
Criminal Justice and Behavior1991
Criminal Justice Studies2008, 2015
Criminology2000-20131991-1992, 1996
Criminology & Public Policy2011
Criminology and Criminal Justice2014-20152009
Critical Inquiry2008-20142007
Critical Review2007-2012
Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition1993, 2014
Critical Sociology1980-1983, 1991, 2000-20151974, 2016
Critical Studies in Mass Communication19881986, 1990
Criticism and Interpretation2000
Critique: Critical Middle Eastern Studies2008
Cross-Cultural Research2000-2013
CTX: Combatting Terrorism Exchange2015
Cultural Critique2009, 2015
Cultural Dynamics2000, 2009-2010
Cultural Sociology2007-20142015
Cultural Studies ↔ Critical Methodologies2005-2006, 2012
Culture, Health & Sexuality2011, 2015-2016
Cumberland Law Review1991
Current Anthropology1993, 2017
Current Bladder Dysfunction Reports2010
Current Directions in Psychological Science2000-20122014
Current Opinion in Neurobiology2006
Current Opinion in Psychology2015
Current Perspectives in Social Theory1985
Current Sociology2000-20152016
Curriculum Inquiry2015

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